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Organisational structure

The ESCRBC Management Team consists of the Principal, Assistant Principal, Director of Studies and Secretary. Each of their duties are in accordance with the legislation in force.

As regards teaching coordination, there are two basic bodies: the Teaching Departments and the Board of Departments.

The Teaching Departments are the basic bodies responsible for organising and performing teaching in their corresponding specialisations and subjects. Each Department consists of all of the lecturers that teach the subjects linked to the teaching specialisations that fall under its control. There are currently four Teaching Departments at the ESCRBC: Dept of Conservation-Restoration Techniques and Practices, Dept of Applied Sciences and Techniques, Dept of Artistic Procedures and the Humanities Dept.

As far as the Board of Departments is concerned, its mission is to ensure smooth relations between the Management Team and the Teaching Departments. It consists of the Centre Manager the Assistant Manager the Director of Studies, the Secretary and all of the heads of the Teaching Departments.

Furthermore, there is a series of positions at the ESCRBC whose holders perform essential tasks to ensure that school life progresses correctly. These people do not necessarily belong to any of the governing or coordinating bodies mentioned above. Among others, these include the Erasmus and International Relations Coordinator, the Information Technology and Communication (ICT) Coordinator, subject and specialisation coordinators, curricular work experience tutors, etc. All of these duties are performed by members of the teaching staff who, further to this, teach one or several groups of students directly.

Finally, the College Council is the body responsible for participating in and monitoring college activity. It consists of representatives from every sector of the college community (students, teachers, management team and non-teaching staff), further to a representative from the Madrid Local Council. The duties of this body include approving the annual accounts and reports before they are sent to the Education Inspection service.

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