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Consultations at the library

The ESCRBC library has a reading room and study, which can be accessed in the mornings and in the evenings. Its collections are semi-open, which means that they can be consulted during the working hours of library personnel.


Interlibrary loan

We also have a loan service in collaboration with the Spanish Cultural Heritage Institute Library (IPCE). This service enables users of our library to lend books and copies of articles and/or sections of books when these are not available in our collection.

In order to submit a request, you have only to send the following form. The library will notify the user by e-mail when the materials requested have been received. The lending period for these documents will be a maximum of one week.


Computers and Wi-Fi access

Currently, the library has three computers with free Internet access and three printers, exclusively for academic use. Additionally, library users who have their own laptop or tablet can access the Internet for free through a wireless connection.


Photocopying documents

It is possible to photocopy our bibliographical collections, as long as this is in accordance with the law and all intellectual property rights are respected. The cost of the copies will be established by the College, and the user will have to pay for them.


Bibliography referencing and guidance

The library provides a user service and offers guidance on information needs, both in person and by e-mail. In order to provide this service, it uses both internal sources of information and external sources accessible through the Internet. In this respect, the ESCRBC library has a bookmark page on the social network Delicious, with links to websites of interest to students and teachers. If you wish, you can contribute to enriching this resource by sending your link of interest to the library e-mail address ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).


During the school year, the library offers mini training courses for its users (students and teachers).

Newsletter and journal summaries

The library regularly publishes a newsletter detailing its latest acquisitions, and another one giving summaries of the latest editions of all periodic and serial publications received.

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