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The ESCRBC has had an ERASMUS CHARTER for many years, which enables it to engage in student exchanges with other educational institutions attached to the European Higher Education Space. By embracing this European programme, during the academic year that is now coming to an end, student mobility agreements have been put in place with the following teaching centres:

  • University of Rome - Tor Vergata (Italy), for third-year students at ESCRBC in the Graphic Documents specialisation.
  • University of Athens - TEI (Greece), for second- and third-year students.
  • Lisbon College of Decorative Arts (Portugal), for second- and third-year students.
  • University of Lugano (Switzerland), for second- and third-year students.
  • Polytechnic Institute of Tomar (Portugal), for second- and third-year students.

ERASMUS mobility opportunities are announced in accordance with requirements that vary each year, but they tend to give preference to students who have passed all of the modules from previous years over those who have modules pending. The documents that have to be submitted normally include, further to the application form, a letter of motivation, explaining the reasons why the grant is being requested and a document providing proof of the candidate's language knowledge.

As regards deadlines for submitting applications, these are usually announced in the semester preceding the one when the move will take place. As a guide, for the year that is now coming to a close, the dates were as follows:

  • 1st Semester (October 2012 – February 2013): from 1 to 25 June 2012.
  • 2nd Semester (February 2013 – June 2013): from 1 to 22 December 2012.
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